You spend way too much time at work to be in a position that no longer serves you. Let’s clarify your path and create the blueprint for your next move--your best move.

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We all know what it’s like to sit at your computer passing the time. Daydreaming, checking the clock every five minutes to see if it’s time to go. Disinterest and lack of passion drains you and keeps you from producing your best work. Doing the bare minimum at a job you hate isn’t going to help you move forward in your professional career. In fact, by not operating in excellence you disqualify yourself from promotion which will only keep you in the job you hate longer.

You’re better than that! Promising career moves await you; you just have to learn how to use your skillset to create a strategy that will unlock next level opportunities.

Professional coaching will help you to identify your career options and provide you with the tools you need to create a game plan to shift into a role that you actually enjoy. As your professional coach, I will work with you to uncover your true value and show you how to leverage it to position yourself for your dream career.

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Hey, I’m Bry! Fortune 200 corporate professional and certified coach. I’ve made 4 industry shifts before the age of 35, leveling up at every turn. My career has taken me across the nation, partnering with celebrities that I could have only dreamed of and in industries that extended way beyond my degrees.

I operate in my career like I’m playing chess, not checkers and I’m here to help passionate mid-level professionals leverage their networks and skillsets to do the same.

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Success Stories

Bryana was a huge help throughout my job-seeking journey. She helped me successfully secure a role in a new field and coached me through the pivot. She guided me through the process of revamping my resume to make it more appealing for the roles I was searching for. Throughout the interview process, she worked with me to do interview prep and talked me through salary negotiations. After just a few sessions with Bryana I began to get calls for interviews when prior to us working together, I hadn’t gotten any callbacks. Her coaching played a huge role in helping me land a new job and I’m so grateful that she worked with me!

— Maya H.

Bryana is someone I can be completely open and candid with. I was able to come to her with many ideas I had for each area of my life, and together, we created a system that I could use daily to remind me of my goals. Like speaking with your best friend, Bryana listened intently and assisted in heightening my awareness to many perspectives outside of my own.

— Alleson K.

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